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Viewing appointment

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Customers are very welcome to visit my studio in advance of their wedding to try on the sample dresses, view the fabrics and lace sample books and to discuss bespoke designs such as blending two or more designs together to create their perfect dress. During a viewing appointment I can take measurements and answer any questions about design choice, fit and styling.


On deciding which dress is right for them customers order their dress via Etsy (or for bespoke orders I can send an invoice) and we book in a date for their fitting, where their partially constructed dress is sewn together, fitted to their preferences and finished. I recommend that the fitting takes place 1-2 months before the wedding. When you place your order for your dress I will order your chosen fabrics and laces for your dress, and cut the pieces specific to your measurements.


I recommend that, wherever possible, customers visit to try the sample dresses and view the fabrics in person first. However, if it is only possible to make one visit, then it's best to visit for the fitting only - I’m happy to answer any questions you may have in advance via email.


Fitting appointment


When you arrive at the fitting your chosen dress is partially made, but it is in several pieces e.g. top, skirt, sleeves etc. During the fitting the dress is joined together and adjusted to fit to your body shape and your preferences. The fitting takes 4-5 hours and your dress is usually finished and ready to take away with you on the same day. 



During your fitting I will ask for your preferences on the fit; ensuring the skirt is not too loose or too tight, checking the position of the waistline, the position of the neckline, the back, the length and fit of the sleeves etc. For finishing touches like sleeves, waistbands, ribbons etc its possible to play around with different options at the fitting, and I will suggest different options as we work through the fitting.



The style of my designs are relaxed, simple, pull on designs - please let me know during your fitting whether you prefer a loose fit or whether you would like the dress more slim fit and we can adjust it to your preferences, ensuring that it is comfortable and can be pulled on and off.



Please ensure you bring the underwear and shoes that you will wear on the day of your wedding to ensure that the fit and the length of the dress is correct. You may also choose to bring accessories such as a veil or floral crown with you to your fitting so you can try on your whole look together. Fittings usually start at 11:00 am with a break for lunch around 13:00. After lunch we continue with the fitting and finishing of the dress and in most cases its ready to take away with you at the end of the day, pressed and packaged hanging in a dress carrying bag.



Friends and relatives are welcome to join you (both at the initial viewing and at the fitting) - I aim to create a relaxed atmosphere while your dress is being created, so you may find its best just to bring one or two friends with you. 



If you have any questions please get in touch at