This Modern Love

Relaxed, bohemian bridalwear - handmade in England

This Modern Love garments are handmade with delicate fabrics - please follow the guidance on washing and caring for your garment.

                   Hand Wash                                                          Drip Dry                                                     Cool Iron

Washing: Hand wash garments using hand wash detergent and allow the garments to drip dry. Machine washing is not recommended. Do not tumble dry.

Pressing: Iron on cool setting (setting 1) - do not use steam as this can mark the fabrics. For heavily creased fabrics it's possible to iron on a higher setting but please ensure you use a pressing cloth (a piece of cotton like a clean tea towel or pillow case) and ensure that the iron does not come into direct contact with the fabric: laces will melt and the silk or satin will be scorched by a high temperature!

Steaming: Fine to use steam to press out light creases - this will work well on chiffon and silk dresses.