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 I’ve been dabbling in the world of Pinterest this week and came across an interesting little article about Sustainable, Fair Trade, Ethical & Slow Fashion and what those terms really mean…

As someone who works with textiles I really care about the environmental impact of my work and the clothing I create for my brides. As a bespoke dressmaker I’m ALL about slow fashion – a thoughtfully designed and produced garment which is worn, cherished and loved. I work with UK based textile suppliers and as I make all my own designs I can guarantee they’re not made with sweatshop labour or modern day slavery… but there is room for improvement  I plan to start working with textiles which are more sustainably manufactured, and next year I’m committed to become zero waste – I’m going to donate all my excess materials and offcuts to local community projects (like sewing groups at my community centre & craft classes at local schools). I’m also really keen to get my mitts on recyclable packaging materials for my Etsy shop. If anyone has recommendations on that one please let me know…

What are your plans about how to live & work more sustainably?

Take a peek at the article here…

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